5 Reasons to Wear a Veil


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For many brides, a veil is an absolute must on their wedding day. But for some brides, a veil is seen as too traditional or unnecessary. Personally, I believe that a bride just doesn’t look like a bride – unless she is wearing a veil!

So here are five GOOD reasons to wear a veil on your wedding day:

1. A veil makes you look like a bride!

In all my years of experience with brides, the veil is what transforms a girl in a pretty white dress, into a bride. Once the veil goes on, it is then that the waterworks begin! The bride’s mother, sister and / or friends often burst into tears once the veil goes on the bride’s head, as the upcoming wedding becomes a reality.

2. A veil completes your bridal outfit.

A bride’s ensemble involves more than just a dress. There are many accessories that are neeeded in order to complete the bride’s attire. Bridal accessories such as a head piece, jewellery and shoes are essential. But the veil is the defining bridal accessory that really completes the bride’s ensemble. Also having a veil gives you the opportunity to add an extra touch of glamour to your bridal look, as your veil can feature glittering crystals, gorgeous lace, embroidery, or whatever takes your fancy.

3. Your wedding day is the only time you will ever get to wear a veil.

Let’s be honest, is there any other time in your life that you would wear a veil? Veils are for brides, and if you decide not to wear one, you will have missed the opportunity. I almost didn’t wear a veil on my wedding day, because of finances being short at the time, and then a close friend who had just been married let me borrow her veil. I was so thankful to her and I am so glad that I did wear a beautiful veil on my wedding day, because my wedding photos looked sensational with that veil.

4. Veils make for fabulous photos!

Photographers love veils, and nothing beats a gorgeous long veil blowing in the breeze. I received a testimonial from one of my brides who told me that when the photographer saw her veil, he exclaimed, “Now that’s a veil!” She had so much fun with her veil, and the photographer loved taking creative photos of it. My bride told me that she was so glad she wore a veil, as she would have missed all those amazing photo ops had she not worn one.

5. Veils are traditional.

Weddings are filled with traditions that have been passed down through the generations. Wearing a veil is an absolute must if you are a traditional bride, especially for the walk down the aisle. For a modern bride, a veil can add bridal flair to a non-traditional gown, while adding an element of tradition at the same time.


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